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Why all leaders need to be tech savvy


“Technology is no longer just one vehicle for success – it’s the vehicle all possible success depends on."


Strong words for business leaders. So why are so many still not championing the use of technology in their business?

Why is it too often seen as the job of the ‘IT manager’ or the ‘Operations person’? The disruptors of the past year have brutally exposed to small start-ups and big business alike the limitations of the longstanding norms of doing business. The “if it ain’t broke why fix it?” attitude has to change.  


Every leader should now be aiming to be a technology pioneer and show a hands-on approach to adopting new technology to fill these limitations. Clearly if technology innovation is not on the priority agenda of the CEO there’s a low chance it will succeed – the new times we operate in now call for leaders to upend convention and take a more proactive approach to tech.


However, understandably many business leaders struggle to see where to begin – research suggests 45% do not even know where to start with digital transformation[i]. But the good news is with the tools that are available today, leaders don’t need the knowledge of an IT consultant.


New low or no-code platforms like AUTTO puts the technology directly into the hands of people who run the everyday business without the need for specialist programming skills. Leaders win on all fronts – technology transforms business efficiency whilst valued staff are empowered to identify their own pain points to fix.


Close up of human hands using virtual panel


Powerful automation platforms like AUTTO allow employees to:


  1. Think for themselves on the best way to streamline their key business processes, documents, and everyday tasks.
  2. No-code automation means they can then easily, without any programming skills, develop their own applications in response.
  3. Important but laborious daily tasks, such as cutting and pasting into a spreadsheet or sending out endless emails are automated freeing up valuable time.


Our customers tell us they save about 75% of their time using AUTTO. Staff hours are redirected to doing far more valuable and creative tasks.


This “democratisation” of technology creates an enormous opportunity to drive businesses forward but whether it succeeds or not is up to the leaders– they must take an active role to embrace and champion tech to thrive in the new tech World.  

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